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Tooth Treatments

  • Various types of fillings including the preparation of related dental tissue
  • Gold inlays, premium quality fillings
  • Treatment of endodontic problems such as nerve or bone inflammation
  • Non-operative periodontal treatments

We use only materials of the highest quality when preparing tooth fillings, for both the highly visible and less visible parts of the jaw. When choosing the material for your fillings we will always consult you and take your wishes and concerns into account.

Our practice encourages the use of cast gold fillings in the side jaw (the less visible area) because dental research shows that these fillings have the highest durability. In Belgrade this service is only available in a small number of practices. We use 22- and 24-carat gold in the preparation of cast gold fillings. In some cases cast gold fillings have been known to last without any complications for between 20 and 50 years. Dr. Jovović has observed in his patients that these fillings last for at least for 10 years.


Dr. Jovovic also has extensive experience of treating endodontic* problems and gangrenous teeth. Our team also treats the first two stages of periodontal disease.

All of the above treatments are performed using standard anaesthetics to ensure the most comfortable and painless treatment possible for our patients.

* Endodontic = relating to the tooth pulp and to the tissues around the root of a tooth